Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sea Sex and Sun

I am in Provincetown for the Tennessee Williams festival. We had a blast of pure sunshine yesterday and I spent the afternoon biking along the National Seashore. Today it is grey, heralding the end of summer, tomorrow.

Last night Lou, one of the actors in the festival, invited me to a little party on Captains Wharf. He and his partner are renting the weather-beaten shack where Williams fell in love with Kip. It is the very location of  Something Cloudy Something Clear, the piece he is playing the lead in. We drank wine on the dock and traded theater tales. At one point I got to sit in the room where TW wrote The Glass Menagerie. Listening to the sound of the ocean beneath the floorboards and the laughter of the gulls, I could imagine one could get a lot of work done in place like that.

That is what the week has been like so far. Riding a bike along a starry sky in the charming narrow streets of P-town. Lots of little parties with actors and directors and producers in restaurants that are too expensive. Annka and I have been ruminating for some time about making a musical for TGL. I have an idea of something like a cross between The Odyssey and Help...  only for the stage.

On Saturday I head back to NYC. It's a long drive for my little Smart. On Sunday we hit the boards again with The Goddess at Paris Blues. This is my last trip for awhile. Or at least so I think. I have a half dozen new pieces to work out with the band, all in various states of completion, waiting in my black mother of pearl embossed notebook. It is going to be nice having a long stretch of playing with the gang.

Last Sunday, our first back, we had a full house. The band played better than ever. Kosi's singing is white hot. It really feels like we are starting on a higher level. I can't wait to see what we build to this round.

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