Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Goddess Returns III

Its been awhile since I have posted my friend. In that time I have journeyed to California, and unlike the tune I have returned. From there I went to Reno Nevada and then onward to the Black Rock Desert in the north. I attended Burning Man. I was a first time "Burner". As a novice I experienced that special thrill only the uninitiated feel. It filled me with fresh inspiration. Not only musically but spiritually. I caught a glimpse of what our future could be. If only that contagion of generosity that permeated Black Rock City could spread beyond the dust storms of The Playa and onto the great expanse of the American continent.

I have in mind a Hip Hop song based on the experience. You need a lot of words to rap and I have a long tale to tell. Lets see how it goes.

We rehearsed for the first time in weeks. The A team is back together again. Most remarkably Kosi, who has not taken a day off since I left, has risen up another level in her singing. I can't wait for you to hear her and to see you all again.

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