Sunday, March 16, 2014

Return of the Album II

I have begun to work on our new album. It is to be entitled Mumbo Jumbo. Last Thursday Kosi was having a rehearsal down in the Salon for her new album Pictures Of Us. To accommodate her I moved my gear up to an empty room on the top floor in the back. I really like working up here. It's very sunny and it still is kind of cold out. So I stayed.

This time we are working backwards. I am putting down all of the rhythm guitar tracks first so I can work with the metronome. That was one thing I thought was lacking in the first album. It breathed a little too much. This way I can rehearse over and over with the pulse until it feels natural. The first tune is The Beggars Song.

When I felt comfortable with the takes I brought Jeff in to add the base line. He also had a click. Then with the rhythm guitar and bass near flawlessly on beat, Kosi sang. The result was gorgeous. 

Now Amos will show up and add the drum tracks. I have an idea to record him with a Binaural mic. If you have ever heard one of those recordings you know how they put you in a room. First. I will consult with Felix. Let's see how it goes.

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