Thursday, October 6, 2011

Out of the drawer. (or in Massachusetts: Draw)

I wrote "I want you for my man." I think more than a year ago. When I first played it I was so proud of myself for having written such an upbeat tune. I thought it might be wise to have one or two. Jeff's immediate response was. "That's not upbeat, it's all whiny and complain-y." So it remained ensconced on my hard-drive in the "lyrics" folder.

I had written it in Brooklyn after going to a birthday party at a Mexican Restaurant in Sunset Park. I don't know if any of you have been out there, but it is out there. It was a warm June evening and the sun was setting late. Fireflies had just begun making their appearance. As I was heading home an impossibly lovely young woman agreed to accompany me on the long train ride. We spent more than an hour talking about everything. Nothing ever came of it. I was happy enough not being treated as if I was invisible. (Note: See Lakshmi tune "Invisible Man")

Then a few weeks ago I thought that maybe I could change some of the lyrics and have Kosi sing it from the opposite perspective. It would only take a little tinkering. Kosi liked it and like everything she knocked it out of the park. But then she suggested we sing it as a duet. So I fiddled with the text a little more and we changed it to a duo. I'm still fiddling with the text. Just ask Kosi.

I wanted a Mama and Papa's kind of sound and to that effect we added a lot of harmonies. We had a big Harmonic section that was supposed to be in the middle where one by one each band member joins in. While rehearsing it during a run through it ended abruptly. Everybody laughed.
"That was way cool." Amos said.
"Yeah. Lets keep it just like that." was my reply.

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