Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Jeff brought his step-mother to rehearsal yesterday. Given the cast of characters in our band one wonders why he didn't just bring a homunculus for us to stick pins into. Among the amusing nuggets we were able to mine was this gem of a tale about his first car ride as a ten year old with his new mom. Apparently he was not pleased with her presence and informed her by kicking the back of her seat for the entire trip. Now we know what to expect on tour.

We were preparing a new piece to present. It is entitled The Invisible Man. It has nothing to do with Ralph Ellison. It sprang from a conversation I had with a friend of mine during his visit to The City. He remarked on the remarkable number of outrageous beauties that inhabit our island. "Yes." I replied. That is a pleasure I never tire of. They come here from all over the world. Unfortunately they quickly master the art of making one feel invisible."

We had the usual amount of wrangling over form, feel, and harmonic structure. Its a struggle with these cats but well worth it. The tune unfailingly re-emerges much stronger.

Then it was Kosi's turn to present a new piece. It is entitled Uptown (as in I don't want to go-no-mo). It was nice to see somebody else wriggling on the hook. She did handle it admirably. A lesser man might have been reduced to tears. The cats quickly chopped it up but it is durable and I have a feeling it is going to be something to hear.

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