Thursday, May 19, 2011

Influences or what I listen to. And you can too.

I often get asked what kind of music we play. We're a band. We play music. If you are curious then come and see us.

Sometimes I try to explain it as a rock band. Sometimes I say "blues-rock" but I immediately regret it. Nothing could be more redundant than that. Then there is alt-rock, art-rock, indy-rock and I am OK with that. But really, we're just a rock band.

If you are interested in how I am thinking about music then it might be helpful to know what I listen to. I have a lot of records and cds but I rarely play them. Mostly I listen to the radio. This is what I consider (here comes the tag) The Best Radio in New York City.

WNYE 91.5—I love "the morning show" from Kexp in Seattle and locally produced "wake up". UPDATE: I am so upset. Kexp has been replaced by the smarmy Djs of Wfuv with a show that has some idiotic title like The Underground Basement or The Secret Cafe.
WHCR 90.3 — various, my favorite... Sugar Treats Mondays at 8pm
WQXR 105.9 — Recently WNYC bought this banal, top 100 classical music station and turned it into an oasis of contemporary culture.
WFMU 91.1—Sometimes these guys get too silly for unbearably long stretches but you are going to be introduced to music here that you will not experience anywhere else.
WBAI 99.5 — Mostly talk but when they play music it is usually good.Check out Shocking Blue with Delphine Blue on Fridays from 8-10
WNYC 93.9 — John Schaefer's "new sounds" every night at 11pm What else can be said?
WKCR 89.9 — Yes Phil Schaap talks too much but he has a lot to say. Great Jazz programing, And a very cool Indian music show on Sundays.
WBGO 88.3 — Solid Jazz programing. Great blues show on Fridays.
WFUV 90.7 — I try to avoid this pseudo-college station except on Sunday Nights at 8pm when
Rich Conaty does "the big broadcast" unforgettable radio

See you all Sunday. Rene

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